Windows Level 1

Windows Level 1



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Course Content

Understanding PC terminology and components

Introducing Windows

The Windows desktop | Start menu – moving, sizing and manipulating | The taskbar | Working with icons, menus and dialogue boxes

Using a mouse

How to use a mouse | Mouse pointer shapes | Changing mouse settings

The start menu

Programs, documents, settings, find | Help, run and shut down

Windows Explorer

Working with folders and files | Viewing file structures  Creating directories |Moving, copying, deleting files and directories  |Selecting files  |Naming files | Customising Explorer | The recycle bin

Customising your desktop

Changing colours, fonts etc. | Changing the date and time

Introduction to Word screen

Overview of the Word screen | Setting defaults | Creating, saving, opening and printing documents | Cursor and mouse movement | Text enhancements

Introduction to Excel screen

Overview of Excel screen | Setting defaults | Creating, saving, opening and printing worksheets  |Cursor and mouse movement

Time Permitting:

Introduction to formulae | Enhancing a worksheet | Introduction to charting

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