Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer


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Train the Trainer

Course Description

This course is for new trainers and individuals who are looking to build their skills and confidence in training session planning, preparation and delivery.

Course Objectives

Clearly identify the requirements of your training role.
Write appropriate training objectives.
Identify appropriate training materials and structure content to meet the objectives of the group.
Confidently deliver effective training sessions.
Select and utilise effective training sessions.
Overcome difficult situations or problems which can occur during training sessions.
Evaluate the effectiveness of your training against pre-determined objectives.

Course Content

The Role of the Trainer
Why organisations train. Meeting the needs of the business. Supporting organisational objectives and strategies. The qualities of a successful trainer
The Learning Process
How people learn. Learning styles – maximising individual development through the learning process. Identifying trainees – the selection criteria. Adapting your training style to meet the needs of the group
Establishing and Meeting Training Objectives
Establishing and writing objectives – ensuring the success of your training sessions. Building course content – deciding on depth and scope of material. Sequencing materials and developing course structure. Building in questions to support the learning process
Training Methods and Visual Aids
Using visual aids for maximum effect – selecting appropriate visual aids. Working with whiteboards, transparencies and flip charts. Using computer-based presentation packages. Selecting appropriate training methods – trainee analysis. Trainer-led facilitation and group discussion. Training methods review – video, syndicate exercises etc.
Group Dynamics
The make-up and structure of groups. Anticipating and overcoming trainee problems. Handling difficult trainees
Training Delivery and Evaluation
Training exercises; design and delivery of training sessions. Each delegate will undertake practical sessions throughout the duration of the course, these encompass; the writing of session objectives, content development and training delivery
Evaluating Training
Effectively measuring learning outcomes. Short and long term measurements
Future Development
Developing your personal action plan

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