Time Management

Time Management


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Time Management

Course Description

This training course adopts a practical and methodical approach to the planning of time. Each delegate will be encouraged to use varying techniques when they return to the workplace benefiting both themselves and the team.

Course Objectives

Identified the main responsibilities of their jobs and the resources available to achieve their responsibilities.
Spotted the main areas of potential time wastage.
Analysed how they currently use their time and put together a practical and effective time plan.
Put into practice methods to improve their time and self-management and prioritise their work.

Course Objectives

Successful time and self-management
What are the key elements in your job and how much time do you spend on each of them? Practical exercise – the working clock
Investigating how you spend your time
Practical methods of surveying how you spend your time. The top fifteen timewasters
Personal and company benefits from effective time management
Planning time checklist. What is the purpose of my job?. Establishing priorities. Making decisions and problem-solving. Keeping to deadlines.
Practical methods of improving time usage
Dealing with correspondence in a logical way. The potential of working with other staff. Effective use of the phone – improving techniques. Identifying how time can be saved at meetings. Practical ways to improve written communication.
Action session
A review of the course content and a commitment from delegates to put actions in place on return to work.

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