Speed & Effective Reading

Speed & Effective Reading


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Speed & Effective Reading

Course Description

This session will give people practical tools and techniques that will save valuable time and make delegates more effective by increasing their reading speed and helping them find, retain and recall key information.

Course Objectives

Learn tips and techniques to help double the reading speed (often more) whilst retaining comprehension.

Used different methods that will improve the effectiveness of their reading and save them hours by knowing:
What to read and why
How to read it
What to remember
How to remember it
How to recall it

Course Content

Speed Reading
Assessing current reading speed.
Understanding how we read.
Using a range of techniques and exercises to increase reading speed.

Effective Reading
Scanning: looking for a specific piece of information.
Skimming: knowing where to find the key information in a document.
Accelerated learning the SIMPLE way: the six stages needed for effective learning and reading.
Memory techniques to retain the key points from any article, report or book.
Visual note-taking: an alternative to headings and bullet points.
Using the ‘Effective Reading Method’ to make dramatic improvements to the way we read.

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