Self Confidence Training

Self Confidence Training


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Self Confidence

Course Description

This one-day program covers all the vital components to help individuals understand how to build self-confidence and to gain focus on controlling outcomes in their lives. Delegates must be prepared to be open and honest during the session as discussions are around value systems and mental limitations.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will understand why and how people will lose and rebuild self-confidence. They will learn technique with the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), have a confidence timeline plan and a positive outlook for the future. Delegates will also complete an action plan to help them move themselves and their newly-found confidence forward.

Course Content

Self Confidence
How do you see yourself?
Focusing on strengths and limitations;

Introducing NLP
The basics of NLP;
How NLP can help;

Outcomes and Self Satisfaction
Setting short- & long-term goals;
Reaching an outcome
Confidence timeline;

Your beliefs and values
The structure to your confidence/self-esteem;
Creating a positive belief;

Listening to your inner voice
Positive and negative internal influences;
Positive and negative language;

Introducing Myers Briggs Theories
Knowing yourself;
The Johari window exercise;

Putting it all together
What have you learnt;
How do you feel;
What are your next steps;
Relaxation techniques.

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