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Sales Skills



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Sales Skills


Course Objectives

Identify actions to increase sales.
Confidently make the initial sales approach to current and potential customers.
Find out what the customer wants and needs and how to talk in terms of helping the customer’s organisation/business.

Course Content

Understanding why people buy and the basic structure of the sale – identifying how to make the product/service relevant to the customer, thereby increasing their desire to purchase. How to sell consultative to build trust and rapport.
Analysing different scenarios to plan what we need to say to start the conversation & get the prospect’s attention.
Asking questions and actively listening to qualify the customer, finding out if they’re likely to purchase from us; identifying customer needs and concerns.
Building trust and a relationship over the phone & face to face – how to come across so we develop trust, ensuring professionalism and credibility.
Overcoming psychological barriers and fears to improve confidence, and getting past the gatekeeper.
Communication skills – what we say, our attitude, our mindset, our assumptions, our voice, and our body language all influence the customer’s perception of us and the company.
Helping the customer select the right services by talking about Features and Benefits of the service, and how they will help the customer.
Cross selling our multiple offering to ensure the customer is aware of the benefits that are relevant to them.
Dealing with any concerns and doubts by validating their query and helping them to understand that you are there to help them and how they will benefit.
Closing the conversation; phrases and ‘nudges’ you can use to aid the customer to come to a decision and adapting these according to the customer or situation.
The importance of the final impression; moving the customer onto the next stage and making sure you follow up.

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