Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing Workshop

Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing Workshop


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Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing Workshop

Course Description

This course is for any employee who is required to undertake recruitment, selection and interviewing.

Course Objectives

By the end of the workshop the participant will understand:
Develop knowledge of the recruitment & selection process
Identify skills and competencies of effective personnel
Introduce Employment Law within Recruitment
Prepare & structure interviews
Identify competency based questions
Practise using interviewing questions
Assess all candidates effectively and fairly

Course Content

The Recruitment Process – considering the impact of the selection process on teams and performance, from identifying a vacancy through to Induction and Passing Probation

Considering how to apply Employment Law in the recruitment process

Skills and Competencies: Who are we looking for?
Determining the job profile
The competencies, skills and abilities of the successful applicant
Their personal profile – the behaviours and attributes the successful applicant should demonstrate

The interview process & plan -
Factors to consider in preparation for interview
Short listing application forms
The keys to conducting a successful interview o how to structure the interview
Designing the key competency questions
Whether to consider ability and personality testing
Practise delivering an interview using designed questions

How to deal with a ‘difficult’ interviewee

Assessment & follow up – selecting the successful applicant using the weighting system

Engagement procedures, the importance of an Induction Plan and Probation Policy.

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