Microsoft Word Introduction

Microsoft Word Introduction



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Microsoft Word Introduction

Course Description

This course ensures delegates become confident in using the essential features of Word to create and alter simple documents.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to confidently use the fundamental elements Microsoft Word.

Course Content

The fundamentals
Starting Word | Understanding the Word Program Screen | Understanding the Ribbon | Using the Office Button and Quick Access toolbar | Using keyboard commands | Using contextual menus and the mini toolbar | Using Help

Document basics
Creating a new document | Inserting and deleting text | Saving a document | Opening a document | Selecting and replacing text | Using undo, redo and repeat | Navigating through a document | Viewing a document | Working with the document window | Viewing multiple document windows | Previewing and printing a document | Closing a document

Working with and editing text
Checking spelling and grammar | AutoCorrect | Using find and replace | Using word count and the thesaurus | Inserting symbols and special characters | Cutting, copying, and pasting text | Using the Office clipboard | Moving and copying text using the mouse

Formatting characters and paragraphs
Changing font type | Changing font size | Changing font colour and highlighting text | Changing font styles and effects | Creating lists | Changing paragraphs alignment | Adding paragraph borders and shading | Changing line spacing | Changing spacing between paragraphs | Using the Format Painter | Setting tab stops | Adjusting and removing tab stops | Applying indents | Introduction to using styles

Formatting the page
Adjusting margins | Changing page orientation and size | Page breaks | Creating headers and footers

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