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Microsoft Publisher

Course Description

Unleash your creative side with our Microsoft Publisher course. Those familiar with Microsoft Word are ideally placed to learn desktop publishing skills with our Microsoft Publisher training.

Course Content

Introduction to desktop publishing and getting started

Layout and design good practice | Desktop publishing terminology | The Publisher screen | The Ribbons and toolbars | The page navigator | The status bar

Working with Publisher

Drawing objects | Cut, copy and paste | Working with the clipboard | Selecting objects | The format Ribbon |Undo | Create a publication | Save a publication | Print a publication | Print preview and print options | Using help

Page setup

Page setup options | Using guides & rulers | Create and use a background page | Manage pages


Insert graphics | Insert calendars | Insert advertisements | Insert page parts | Insert placeholders | Draw a shape | Format shapes | Size, adjust & move, and nudge | Layer and order objects | Group objects | Wrap text with graphics

Text frames

Working with text | Text boxes | Format text | Use styles | Set tabs | Set indents, bullets & numbering | Check your spelling | Using Autocorrect | Text flow and connection of text boxes | Text box properties | Deleting a text box | Insert business information | Catalogue pages | Insert and format WordArt | Send to background

Use and format tables

Create a table | Insert a table | Adjusting columns and rows | Formatting a table | Deleting a table | Designing for the web

Other publishing tasks

Set custom page types | Create and use headers and footers | Use page numbering | Create mail merge | Create labels | Insert external files | Set page borders | Use and create colour schemes | Create and use master pages | Use design checker | Spell-check your publication | Manage embedded fonts | Edit business information | Send as email | Publish to web | Create a template | Pack and go | Colour models

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