Microsoft Project Introduction/Intermediate

Microsoft Project Introduction/Intermediate



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Microsoft Project Introduction/Intermediate


Fundamentals of Project Management

What is Project Management? | What characterises a Project? | Why use Project Management software?

Guidelines for using Microsoft Project

Preliminaries | Planning | Managing | Terms used in Microsoft Project

Setting up a new project

Creating a new project file | Entering Background Information | Setting the Start or End Date | Setting up the Working Day | Manual vs Automatic Scheduling | Setting the Default Task Type | Turning on the Project Summary Task | Setting the Date Format and User Name | Currency Format


Working Days and holidays | Base Calendars | Project Calendars | Resource Calendars | Task Calendars | Adding Holidays or other non-working days | Recurring Dates

Adding Tasks to the Project

Manual vs Automatic Scheduling | Task Durations | Elapsed Units | Task Types

Linking Tasks to show Task Dependencies

Lead and Lag Time | Constraints and Deadlines

Outlining Tasks

Collapsing & Expanding the Outline | Work Breakdown Structures

Critical Path

Displaying the Critical Path in colour | Slack-Time | Crashing the Project


Filtering Tasks with Autofilter | Filtering from the Ribbon

Project Views

Gantt Charts | Network Diagram | The Calendar View | Customising the Gantt Chart | Fitting the Gantt Chart to the screen | Fine-Tuning the Timescale | Non-Working Time display | Changing Column Widths | Timeline View | Adding Tasks to the Timeline


Printing a View | Print Preview (Backstage View) | Manual Page Formatting


Visual Reports | Standard Reports

Working with Resources

Resource Pools | Adding Resources to the Resource Sheet |Types of Resource | Resource Availability | Resource Costs | Assigning Resources |Resource Assignment Dialogue Box | Using Multiple Resources on a Single Task |Resource Information – Change Working Time | Viewing Resource Assignments | Team Planner View | Resource Usage View | Task Usage View

Resource Levelling

Overallocated Resources | When and Why Resources should be Levelled | Splitting Task Assignments Option | Viewing the results of Levelling | Levelling Gantt View

Baselines & Interim Plans

Customising the Tracking Gantt Chart | Tracking Progress | Who Will Track Progress? | How to Track Progress | Inactivating a Task

Multiple Projects

Overview of master projects | Working with subprojects in a master project

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