Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced

Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced



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Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced

Course Description

This course is designed for new users of Microsoft PowerPoint who wish to be able to use the software to produce slides, audience hand-outs and speaker notes.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course you will have hands-on experience of creating PowerPoint presentations, including creating slides for OHPs and electronic presentations, automatic slide shows and audience hand-outs. The course includes tips on how to create and deliver a presentation.

Course Content

Microsoft Office 2010 / 2013

Working with tables

Creating a table | Working with a table | Adjusting column width and row height | Inserting and deleting rows and columns | Merging and splitting cells | Working with borders and shading | Applying a table style

Custom animation effects

Applying a custom animation effect | Modifying animation effects | Previewing a transition or animation effect

Working with other programs

Collaborating with Excel | Collaborating with Word | Modifying embedded or linked content | Creating hand-outs in Microsoft Word | Importing and exporting an outline

Customising PowerPoint

Customising the Quick Access toolbar | Using and customising AutoCorrect | Changing PowerPoint’s default options | Converting an older presentation to PowerPoint | Recovering your presentations

Working with multimedia

Inserting sounds | Inserting a CD track | Inserting a movie clip | Narrating a presentation | Using action buttons and hyperlinks

Finalising a presentation

Setting up a slideshow | Rehearsing slide show timings | Adding comments to a slide | Hiding a slide | Marking a presentation as final | Using the pen and making annotations | Creating a presentation that runs by itself | Using presenter view | Working with multiple presentations | Creating a custom show

Collaborating with others

Using the Document Inspector \ Using the Compatibility Checker | Packaging a presentation | Saving a presentation as PDF or XPS | Saving a presentation as a web page | Password protecting a presentation | Publishing a presentation to a document workspace

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