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Microsoft Outlook

Course Description

A comprehensive course covering all the features of Outlook enabling delegates to understand how to take advantage of all of the features in Outlook: manage email, calendar, contacts and tasks.

Course Content

Composing and sending email

Composing and sending an email message | Working with hyperlinks | Attaching a file to a message | Saving unfinished messages

Receiving email

Receiving and reading email | Replying to and forward a message | Opening an attachment | Printing a message | Deleting a message

Working with email

Understanding items | Using the navigation pane | Viewing the to-do bar | Using the reading and people panes | Flagging a message for follow-up | Using colour categories | Sorting messages

Advanced email features

Recalling a message | Using Out of Office assistant | Inserting a signature | Changing message format | Delaying sending a message | Dealing with junk email | Creating and using search folders | Creating a rule with the rules wizard | Managing rules | Using advanced find | Sorting and grouping information | Filtering information | Taking and tracking a vote

Using the journal and notes

Creating a journal | Working with notes

Working with contacts

Adding a contact | Adding a sender’s email address to the contacts list | Editing and deleting contacts | Changing contact views | Finding and organising contacts

Using the calendar

Viewing the calendar | Scheduling appointments and events | Editing and rescheduling appointments and events | Working with meeting requests | Setting and publishing free/busy appointment time | Colour-coding calendar items | Viewing calendars items | Arranging calendar items | Setting reminders | Configuring calendar options | Printing the calendar | Opening shared calendars  |Sharing your calendar | Publishing your calendar on the internet

Working with tasks

Adding a new task | Attaching an item to a task | Assigning a task  |Monitoring tasks | Printing a task | Completing a task

Organising and finding information

Exploring the folder list | Creating and Managing folders