Microsoft Access VBA Programming Intermediate

Microsoft Access VBA Programming Intermediate


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Microsoft Access VBA Programming Intermediate

Course Description

This course gives delegates a good grounding in all the basic access database development and programming techniques and to enable the user to start to extend and develop their own applications in Access.

Course content can be customised on request prior to the course (at least three weeks’ notice is desired).

Course Content

Introduction to structured program techniques including Access basic data types, defining and scope of variables and object variables | Functions and subroutines and control structures | Conditional code and branching | Looping structures and case statements | Objects including properties and methods

Compiling and debugging techniques | Manipulating forms (Modifying fields, Changes to properties, Changes to the data source) | Transferring data | Designing and using dialogue boxes | Opening and modifying report properties at run time | Using macro actions from within code | Using macro menu actions from within code | DAO and ADODB in VBA (TableDefs and QueryDefs, Linking, importing and re-linking, Building and using recordsets, Recordset clones, Building queries and recordsats in VBA and SQL)

Manipulating SQL statements and using SQL rather than recordsets | Using the de-bugger | Error handling and conditional compilation | Optimising your code for performance | Custom toolbars and removing toolbars | INTRINSIC constants | Accessing the system database information | Access security modifications from code | OLE 2 – referencing other Windows applications | Using Active X controls* | What are class modules and how to create them | Creating library databases* | Making use of the windows API facility*

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