Microsoft Access Introduction

Microsoft Access Introduction



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One to Two Days

Microsoft Access Introduction

Course Description

This course is to introduce delegates to the usage of Access and give them the ability to enter data and do basic interrogation. The course can be compressed to one day for an exceptional or experienced group of delegates (small group).

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, delegates will be confident in using basic features of Access including amending existing databases and creating custom reports.

Course Content

What is a database
What is a relational database (not building one)
Basic terminology
Data types – text, number, date, etc.
The Access windows
Getting into Access
Creating new tables
Validation rules and indexes

Opening an existing database
The editing keys
Modifying data
Deleting data
Adding new data
Searching for records to modify
Changing the table / query view)
Moving columns
Sizing columns | Side reference areas

Changes to fonts and gridlines
Printing table data

Designing queries and simple related queries
Selecting fields
Filtering records (search criteria)
Creating ad-hoc relationships
Derived fields and the expression builder
Formatting field calculated fields
Printing queries

Basic query types
Select queries
Summary aggregate queries*

Basic columnar reports and using report wizard
Creating custom reports
Adding grand totals
Adding dates and page numbers
Derived field types in reports and field properties*
Grouping and subtotalling*

Creating data entry forms
Using the wizards
Modifying forms*
Using and creating filters in forms
Query by selection
Filter by form
Using data entry forms

Linking queries*

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