Managing Difficult Conversations

Managing Difficult Conversations


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Managing Difficult Conversations

Course Description

Managers from time to time need to handle situations where they have to deliver challenging feedback and handle emotional responses.

This course gives delegates the skills to prepare for and hold their difficult conversation, whether it’s about performance issues, personal issues, poor conduct and behaviour or absenteeism.

Course Objectives

To enable delegates to practice delivering constructive feedback and handle strong emotions.

Course Content

What is a difficult conversation? What are the situations when a difficult conversation can happen?
Preparing to hold a difficult conversation – looking at the situation, facts, knowledge and outcomes
Responses and Behaviours – analysing our own responses and those of the receiver of the message – using Transactional Analysis to work out our approach
How to handle strong emotional responses from the receiver of the message, as well as staying in control of our own emotions
Using a framework for giving a particular message
Using descriptive statements and options when giving feedback, and working on the positive to influence cooperation
Communication skills – using questioning and active listening skills, recognising non-verbal communication
Using scenarios to work through delivering difficult messages, likely responses and how to handle these.

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