Letter Writing & Complaint Handling

Letter Writing & Complaint Handling


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Letter Writing & Complaint Handling

Course Description

This interactive workshop will help you to ensure that letters make the right impression and get the right results when dealing with complaints. It will also provide techniques with general complaint handling by letter and telephone.

Course Objectives

To understand the importance of good letter writing when handling complaints
To handle complaints by letter, email and telephone better

Course Content

Basic Letter Writing Skills

Letter writing conventions (Layout and Salutations)

Creating a clear and logical structure (Writing opening sentences)

Good business style (Matching your tone to the reader and the purpose, Choosing and using words with care, Side-stepping jargon and overworked phrases, Reviewing sentence length and structure, Ensuring consistency,, Avoiding ambiguity, Spelling and punctuation, Coming to a good end, Techniques for strong endings)

Complaint Handling

How to handle complaints via Letter, Telephone, Accepting or rejecting a complaint, Acknowledging the dissatisfaction, Showing empathy, Proposing a solution, Offering a replacement or goodwill gesture

Closing to maintain or gain the goodwill of the customer

Personal development action plan

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