Fire Marshals – Fire Safety Awareness

Fire Marshals – Fire Safety Awareness


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Fire Marshals – Fire Safety Awareness

Course Description

This Fire Safety Awareness course if ideal for those coordinating and ensuring implementation of the organisation's fire prevention and evacuation procedures.

Course Objectives

Review fire regulations and the Fire Safety Order 2005
Understand the role of a fire marshal
Review methods of fire prevention
Understand evacuation procedures
Safely put out a live fire scenario

Course Content (Theory)

Fire law (in brief)
The threat of fire
Chemistry of fire
Fire behaviour
Fire action routines
Fire extinguishers (Types / Classifications / Colour Coding
Standards / Correct Application / Capabilities & Limitations)
Fire marshal responsibilities
Human behavioural factors
Assessing fire risk
Spotting and reporting hazards
First aid fire fighting
Ensuring full and safe evacuation

Optional content:

Health and safety briefing
Fire action routines
Use of water extinguisher on a waste bin fire
Use of carbon dioxide fire extinguisher on a computer fire
Demonstration of foam fire extinguisher on a simulated liquid fire
Demonstration of a fire blanket on a chip pan or microwave fire (weather permitting)
Demonstration of powder fire extinguishers (to be included within PPT as video)

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