Excellence in Customer Care

Excellence in Customer Care


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Excellence in Customer Care

Course Description

Pleasing customers is crucial to the success of any business. Research shows that today, customers have higher expectations of how they wish to be treated. It is also proven that customers place high priority on the way they are made to feel. The most successful organisations manage the service that their staff give to their customers.

Course Objectives

Reviewed the criteria for an Effective “Customer Service Person” and identified areas of strength and areas for development.
Defined the differences between poor satisfactory and excellence in customer care in the customer’s perception.
Practised effective questioning and listening skills.
Recognised the main elements of professional telephone communication.
Described the relative importance of words and voice in communication by telephone and face to face.
Demonstrated their ability to put into practice the key elements of Customer Care through role play.
Prepared a personal development action plan.

Course Content

Excellence in Customer Service
What do Customers really need/expect? Achieving “customer satisfaction plus”. Making the difference. The internal and external customer. Blocks and barriers.
The Skills of Communication
How do we communicate? Essential communication skills. Building rapport. Listening. Gathering information. Passing on information.
The Power of Behaviour
How are we judged – how do we judge others? Prejudices, assumptions, perceptions. Positive Thinking – Positive Behaviour
Assertive Communication
Aggressive v Passive v Assertive Behaviours. Effects of the three behaviours. Right and responsibilities.
Dealing with Difficult Customers
Owning the problem. Diffusing anger and turning complaints into compliments. Dealing with complaints.
Customer Care in Action
Case Studies / Role Play with Personal Action Plan

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