Effective Minute Writing

Effective Minute Writing



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Effective Minute Writing

Course Description

This course is suitable for both new and experienced minute takers. The aim is to define the purpose and nature of minutes and give some tips and techniques for producing effective minutes.

Course Objectives

Understand the importance of meetings
Identify the purpose of minutes
Identify the administrative tasks of the minute taker, before, during and after meetings
Understand why the Chairperson and minute taker must work together
Know how to prepare an agenda
Understand the principles of plain English and how to apply them in minutes
Practise writing a full set of minutes

Course Content

How good are your listening skills?
The purpose of meetings
The function of minutes
The importance of good team work between chairperson and minute taker
Working with the chairperson
Organising effective meetings
Using plain English
The layout of minutes
Taking minutes of a meeting

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