Developing Team Working

Developing Team Working



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Developing Team Working

Course Objectives

Analyse the current situation regarding the gaps in their working together.
Determine the relevant barriers which are stopping team working and how to overcome them.
Develop a plan of action to work towards a common goal.

Course Content

The most common reasons why teams become dysfunctional.
Typical destructive behaviours that tear a team apart.
Group and Individual team roles that bring negative or positive attributes to the team – analysis of where each individual falls and what they bring to the team.
Using Transactional Analysis to plot current behaviour – identifying where behaviour needs to be and how to get there.
Constructive Team Behaviours – analysing the criteria that high performing teams have in common; getting the best out of everyone and raising awareness of the important of ‘choice'.
Communication skills – having difficult conversations, talking in a solution focused way, managing difficult behaviour.
Developing a team vision of how to move forward, determining individual commitment to the team vision.

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