Dealing with Difficult People

Dealing with Difficult People


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Dealing with Difficult People

Course Description

Having to deal with difficult people, whether they be managers, co-workers or clients, can lead to staff members feeling demoralised, de-motivated and stressed. This course will look at ways of assessing the problem, trying to understand why the other person is being difficult and how to resolve such situations.

Course Objectives

To have an understanding of why some people are “difficult”
To be able to identify different types of “difficult” behaviour
To understand their own communication style and how that might contribute to “difficult” situations
To identify ways to defuse, deflect or deal with situations where people are being difficult
To be able to state their own position in an assertive, non-confrontational way
To have identified coping mechanisms for themselves

Course Content

Different styles of difficult behaviour
Exploring methods to deal with the different styles
Addressing the problem rather than personality
Assessing your own communication style
Listening skills
Win/win outcomes
Looking from the other person’s perspective
Body language
Using questioning techniques
Coping strategies

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