Closing the Sale

Closing the Sale


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Closing the Sale

Course Description

This course will help people in a sales environment, develop their closing skills and ultimately increase their levels of sales.

Course Objectives

Explain the process and stages of the sale.
Identify buying signals and handle objections.
Analyse various types of close and recognise when it’s appropriate to use each type.

Course Content

Understanding why people buy and the basic structure of the sale – identifying how to make the product/service relevant to the customer, thereby increasing their desire to purchase.
Asking questions to validate the customer’s need and want to purchase.
Dealing with any objections, concerns and doubts by validating their query and helping them to understand that you are there to help them and how they will benefit.
Recognising what buying signals look and sound like and how to use this to move the sale process forward.
Closing the sale or conversation; phrases and ‘nudges’ you can use to aid the customer to come to a decision and adapting these according to the customer or situation.
The importance of the final impression; moving the customer onto the next stage and making sure you follow up.

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