Adobe InDesign Introduction/Intermediate

Adobe InDesign Introduction/Intermediate


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Adobe InDesign Introduction/Intermediate

Course Content

Overview InDesign basics

Standard editing tools | Palettes | The work area | Open, save and convert files

Page setup and layout

New document settings | Margins and column guides | Rulers, guides and grid settings | Sections and page views | Master text frames | Page numbering | Single or facing pages

Master pages

Understanding master pages | Create a new master layout | Applying and removing masters | Multiple masters in documents

Document options

Add single or double page spreads | Move page order | Delete a page or multiple pages

Import and export

Link, embed, PDF export, import Word

Colour management

Colour modes (Pantone, RGB, CMYK) | Spot and process colours | Create new colours and gradients | Colour libraries


Create or modify an object | Transform an object shape | Step and repeat/duplicate | Adjust frames and content

Drawing and illustrations

About path tools | Editing points and paths | Pen and pencil tools

Text and typography

Text frames and style sheets | Margins, tabs and rule guides | Font/paragraph formatting | Create and link text boxes | Story editor/spell check


Preflight and package options | Printing to a standard printer | Print colour separates

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