Hosted Telephony

Cloud-based telephony that will change the way your work

Only the best

We’ve teamed up with Gamma – a leading supplier of voice, data and mobile products and services in the UK – to provide you with a solution called Horizon that will do all of the following:

Save you money on hardware & maintenance

Easily scale as your business grows

Improve your business continuity

Seamlessly connect you to multiple sites

Enable flexible working – “one number anywhere”

Give you access to some really cool features

How does it work?

Simply put, Hosted Telephony means that you make and receive calls via the web.

Rather than having a hefty system (or PBX for the techies) in your building, Hosted Telephony takes all that away which means a lot less hassle if and when it breaks. The only hardware you’ll need are your telephones, which (lucky for you) we can provide as well.

This very clever solution is packed full of features – many of which would cost your weight in golden duck eggs with a traditional system – including call recording, auto attendant, reporting and voicemail.

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