Telephony & Connectivity Services

It’s good to talk.. and email.. and use the internet, right?

We'll keep your business connected

So much more than a cheesy line - keeping your organisation connected is a top priority that we know all too well.

As a growing business ourselves, connectivity is at the heart of everything from talking support calls, sending emails, updating this website, and so on. It needs to be reliable, it needs to be scalable and it absolutely must be secure.

We only offer services that we use or would use ourselves. These include:

Hosted Telephony

Perfect for flexible working, hosted telephony is a cloud communications solution for you business that's packed full of awesome features.

Reduce maintenance costs, boost productivity and access upgrades immediately.

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Hosted Skype for Business

How good would it be to blend you voice, instant messaging (IM), presence, video and audio conferencing across all of your desk and mobile devices? Well, in a very small nutshell, that's what Skype for Business can do.

The hosted element provides you with even more security as the solution remains within your own network and all without having to fork out for an expensive on-premise server.


Business WIFI

Our partnerships with Cisco Meraki and Ubiquiti enable us to provide secure and reliable wireless networking solutions that can accelerate your business. Benefit from more speed, capacity and reliability, and give your users exceptional wireless performance.


Business Broadband

For businesses who depend on reliable internet connection, maintaining high-speed internet is vital to your day-to-day operations. Utilising FTTC, ADSL and ADSL 2+ technologies, we will ensure you access the best internet connection available in your area.

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Fibre Connectivity

For businesses who require even more from their internet connection, a dedicated fibre leased line may be the answer. Premium business-grade lines offer a permanent and super-fast connection from your premises directly to the internet.



This innovative solution offers local businesses access to super-fast internet connection directly from our own mast at our offices in Bury St Edmunds. We’ll carry out a free survey of your site to establish whether your business is able to receive our signal.