Fast, professional and adaptable backup for your systems, data and applications

What would you do?

Most of us will have experienced the loss of our phone - either through damage, theft or dropping it down the toilet - we all know someone who’s been there. And what happens if you haven’t backed up your contacts and photos? You’ve lost the lot!

While you're less likely to accidentally drop your server down the toilet, the principles are just the same.

If something happened to your hardware or systems, how would this affect your business? How would you manage without access to your data? How much would it cost you?

Doesn't look good does it?

Here are just a few of the ways you could lose your data

You’re systems and data are in constant peril from one or more of these all day, every day!


System Failure

Hardware Failure

Human Error



What if you're already backing up?

1) How are you backing up?

If you’re backing up to a tape or USB this can easily be forgotten or lost. It also has a much higher failure rate and risks still apply when storing all your data on your site.

2) How often do you back up?

If you only backup once a day and you’re systems fail overnight, you’ll have lost a whole day’s worth of work. Imagine how you'd feel if you've been working on a big project or processing payroll.

3) How fast can you recover?

If it took a couple of days or even a week to recover your systems or files how would this affect your business, your clients and your reputation? We'll bet you would want to be back to normal ASAP.

4) How flexible is your backup?

How easily is it for you to increase the frequency of your backups? or the amount of storage you need? We live in an age of convenience and this shouldn't be any different right?

Here comes the sales bit

Our partnership with StorageCraft allows us to provide... wait for it... an award winning, reliable and robust backup solution that can support as many devices as you need – from a single PC or laptop to a virtual or physical server.

Sounds good? With ShadowProtect SPX, you'll also benefit from the following:

Full backups from day one

SPX quickly and efficiently captures your entire system including the operating system, applications, settings, services and data

Peace of mind

Relax in the knowledge that your business is covered. If something goes wrong, your data and systems are protected.

Business Continuity

Backing up data helps towards ensuring your organisation can still operate even in the event of a loss.

What's included?

Tailored backup schedule, to suit your businesses needs

Fully automated, real-time backups scheduled regularly or on demand

Partial recoveries using a simple drag and drop process

Restoration from the ground up in less than an hour, even in cases of complete hardware failure

Point-in-time recovery to the last backup

Incremental backups conducted on reliable disk media - reducing the impact on your system's performance

What next?

We know that each and every business is unique, so we thoroughly audit our client’s systems and analyse the business’s requirements before creating a complete backup solution and continuity plan.

Are you ready?

Tell us a little about your needs and we'll come straight back to you.