Straight-talking IT Support  

Here’s a genius idea – What if you could get great IT support without all the waffle and jargon?


So you’ve landed here because

a) you need help managing your IT,

b) you already have IT Support but it’s not really working out anymore, or

c) you’re from a company like ours and are just being nosy.

Well, to all of the above, welcome.

Okay, now you’re wondering how we’re different from every other company offering IT support services...

...well lets start by introducing our Service Plans.


This pay as you go option is ideal if you’re looking for an ad-hoc solution.

Log support tickets as and when you need, and only pay for what you use.

Of course, you can bolt on a whole load of features if you want or need to, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Cisco Umbrella.

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In addition to the peace of mind that outsourcing your IT support brings, you can work safe knowing that we’ll be monitoring your network and systems 24/'s like friendly stalking but for your IT.

We’ll also arm you with Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware to help protect you from cyber-villains.

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Our Gold plan is perfect for businesses who want everything that our Silver plan offers but with added features such as onsite support and extended access to our service desk.

We'll also visit you each quarter to talk through your support, review infrastructure reports and discuss your plans for the future.

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IT Manager Support

Our IT Manager Support plan is ideal if you already have an IT manager or internal support team but need an extra helping hand.

This might be for specific projects such as migrating to a (jargon alert) hybrid email system, covering holidays and sickness, or to use our brains for high level consultancy and planning.

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Our aim when working with schools, colleges and universities is to help create an environment where students thrive and lessons come to life. Whether that be through supporting your existing systems or by putting tools in the hands of your students and teachers, we love it when we can make a real difference.

We can help manage your every-day IT support issues, source and install the latest technology, and lock down your cyber security measures so your students and staff are safe.

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Charity & Non-Profit

We understand that for you, managing costs and budgets can be a balancing act. Your priority is to make sure that every penny goes where it's supposed to; your beneficiaries.
This is why we have put together a plan that is aimed at maximising the benefits of your IT budget.

We're passionate about our social responsibility and making a difference within our community - be it local or national. So when we work with organisations like yours, our goal is simple;
To support your technology so you can continue to support others.

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