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By Emma Crawford

DTech – App Development

Development of an App for users to check books in and out of their library

The Company

D-Tech is an international business based in both the UK and US.
An established company providing technological solutions to libraries, its products support self-service, stock control and management, library security, people counting and 24-hour vending. The company was keen to take this one step further and provide an APP solution for libraries.


D-Tech wanted to create an innovative software solution for libraries to offer to its users.

This was intended to make it easier for users to check books and resources in and out. It also provides a cost-effective tool for libraries, reducing the need for self-serve desks and ongoing maintenance costs.


We started the project by liaising with Marvin Crisp, President of D-Tech, and discussing the requirements on the App, which included being available on iOS and Android. Another key requirement was to understand how the RFID element of their software would work to ensure the APP fed the correct information back to the overall database system from the barcode on the item.

After scoping out the project, we built a prototype for D-Tech to test to ensure it worked as expected, including:
Checkout of items,
Checking of account status,
Account payments,
Renew items,
Check library locations and hours of operation,
Chat with a librarian,
Users to be able to log in with library credentials,
Push notifications to remind users of renewals etc.


The App has been adopted by many library groups throughout the UK and USA. The "AppIt" system enables libraries to focus on assisting users with their needs, instead of spending unnecessary time on routine administration such as checking books out, etc. The app can also be set up to allow a library to utilise advertising and direct messages to its users.

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