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Remapping your website

By Benny Mansfield

Remapping your website

We’ve reached our final destination in our series of articles about making your website work for you and your business. You’ve followed our guides, completed your MOT checklist and realised, ah…your website’s engine control unit is in need of remapping.

But fear not, just like your motor, when your website is remapped new life is pumped into a sluggish system meaning you can take to the road anew – wind in your hair. Plus, there are many things you can do to make the process of a website refresh as seamless as possible.

First, insurance

If you’re worrying about potential downtime while your website is being revamped, hit the brakes. We won’t leave you without a vehicle. Your old website will remain in situ until the new one is launched, and the changeover will be timed for when your web traffic is at its absolute lowest to avoid disruption to user experience.

Collate your content

Upgrading your website is the perfect time to update content. Decide what content you wish to bring over from your existing site, what is missing and what needs to be created or outsourced – for example, case studies to showcase your work, a library of blog/news/events, impressive and original photography, and video.

Consider a new domain

This isn’t as shocking a suggestion as it may appear; particularly if you are not happy with your domain name or you feel it no longer reflects your offering as a business.

Let me give you an example. Say you run a recruitment firm and you’re looking to reach a wider demographic. How about using a ‘.jobs’ domain, rather than the bog-standard ‘’ or ‘.com’? More and more job seekers are fine-tuning their searches to find exactly what they want. With this new domain, you appear in searches that your competitors with the generic ones don’t. Plus, much like a personalised number plate, you’ll stand out from the crowd, leaving your competitors trailing in the rear-view mirror.

Map user journeys

This is one of the first steps your web agency will take with you in the redevelopment of your site, but it’s useful to be prepared and get ahead. Signposts from external online and offline sources that point users to your site, user entry and exit points, and user routes to desired destinations require carefully mapping to ensure the optimum functionality of your website.

If you like the sound of cruising down the online motorway in your reinvigorated vehicle, give me a call on 01284 700015 or email

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