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Your website MOT checklist

By Benny Mansfield

Your website MOT checklist

In my previous article, I encouraged you to think of your website like a car. And just like your motor, there is an obligation to ensure your website is roadworthy.

Search engines favour and reward websites that are well-maintained and in full working order. Why? Because they offer greater user experience. Whereas aging websites that have become increasingly sluggish or that struggle to start – particularly on a cold morning – risk poor SEO performance.

So, if you’ve looked under the bonnet and noticed your website is in need of some tinkering, this website MOT checklist will start you on the road to determining whether you need to bring it in and replace some parts.


Many Content Management Systems, such as WordPress, alert you when plug-ins containing essential security updates and patches are ready to install. Is your website up-to-date?

Fundamentally, is your SSL certificate up-to-date? If not, it is immediately apparent to the user and the search engine as your website address will be labelled “Not secure” in the browser URL bar. So, if you do nothing else, check this!

User journey and experience

First things first, is your website mobile friendly? If not, this is the equivalent of your car still having a manual choke.

Your website also needs to mirror how users navigate your site; that is, entrance and exit routes need to be identified and journeys mapped accordingly. You also need to consider what actions you want users to take and how you’re going to get them there in the most efficient way possible. Are internal links between pages working and are they logical? Do pages contain clear calls to action?


Once arriving at your website (often from multiple directions), users need to have all relevant information easily signposted. Do you have a search function for quick access of information and is it working? Is content tagged correctly?

Are your top-level navigation and drop-down menus minimal yet logical? Web users are impatient, they do not want to decipher complicated category titles nor be overloaded by multiple pages to choose from.


Your user has located the information they require. Is it relevant, easy to read, up-to-date and reflective of your industry, your service and your brand? As important as words on a page, are images and videos. Are they the appropriate size and quality for loading speed? If you can, original imagery should be used and use of stock imagery limited.

Finally, has all content been optimised for search engines with ALT tags, H1/2/3 tags and has basic SEO been completed for every web page?

If your website is in need of a thorough MOT, our Green Duck engineers are happy to take a look. Simply book in for a service by calling me directly on 01284 700015 or email

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