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Is Your Website Working?

By Benny Mansfield

Is Your Website Working?

Think of your website like a car. As soon as you drive those new wheels off the forecourt the possibilities are endless; outstretched before you are years of adventure and opportunity.

But, your motor needs maintenance. It needs regular fuelling, servicing and from time-to-time complete parts will need replacing to keep it roadworthy. The exact same can be said for your website.

So, how do you know if your website is in good working order?

What do you want your website to achieve?

Let’s begin by getting back to basics – what is the purpose of your website? A web shop or booking facility? Blog or portfolio? A brochure site of services? Advice, information or entertainment?

As your business evolves, so must your website. You may find that added extras have been bolted on here and there, making your website feel disjointed or, worse, dysfunctional. Alternatively, your website may have been left by the wayside and no longer reflect your business offering at all.

What action do you want to inspire in the user?

Once you have a clear understanding of the purpose of your site, you can determine the action you want to see from your web users.

What is the end goal? To complete a purchase? To engage with content? To request for information, book a consultation or sign up for a free trial? To download a brochure or join a mailing list?

The other path provides an opportunity to invest in the future of your business by upgrading your hardware. I know which path I’d choose…

Is your content relevant to enable you to achieve these goals?

Content fuels your website. Plus, Google loves it! Populating your site with regular and relevant content keeps your website up-to-date, dynamic and most importantly, visible.

Plus, relevant content ensures you have mapped out a clear course of action for the user. From the information you have provided – whether through copy, photography, video or graphics – the user understands the purpose of your site, the action they are required (or inspired) to make and the reason for doing so.

Are you in need of an upgrade?

This doesn’t necessarily mean a website overhaul, but it does mean auditing and improving your site, particularly if it has sat stagnant for longer than six months. Indeed, if you do nothing else, check all your links are working!

Websites built on content management platforms such as WordPress also require regular updates to be installed. These updates are essential for the performance and security of your site, so – just like your car tax expiry email – don’t ignore them.

I hope I’ve inspired you to embark on a new journey with your website. Go on, pull back the dust sheet and take it out for a spin. If you need some help with directions, you can always call me on 01284 700015 or email

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