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Upgrade Your Hardware

By Benny Mansfield

Upgrade Your Hardware

Is your hardware in need of an upgrade?

The end is nigh for Windows 7. Seize this opportunity to upgrade your hardware to ensure you and your business don’t get left behind.

What’s all the fuss about?

Microsoft are pulling the plug on Windows 7 support and security updates from 14th January 2020, encouraging all compatible PC users to migrate to Windows 10. “Compatible” is the operative word here. Older PCs may not be capable of running Windows 10, which means you may just find yourself at a cross roads.

One road sees you continuing to use Windows 7 on older machines. However, in doing so you’ll be forgoing essential security updates and patch fixes, opening yourself up to threats and attacks.

The other path provides an opportunity to invest in the future of your business by upgrading your hardware. I know which path I’d choose…

What’s all the fuss about?

Replacing hardware isn’t cheap; however, it is a significantly lesser cost to the business than that of repairing the damage caused by suffering a cyber attack and the subsequent loss of productivity and data. New hardware offers heightened security and significantly reduces your vulnerability to attack. Businesses also are often concerned by the downtime caused by replacing equipment, but they needn’t be.

Over time, new hardware can actually reduce downtime as older hardware inevitably becomes less productive and reliable. Plus, the PCs on offer today are faster and more efficient than ever, offering increased productivity to help your business achieve more in less time.
And why replace PC for PC? Consider replacing desktop with more mobile devices such as laptops and tablets to facilitate anywhere working for your employees.

Indeed, there are a multitude of benefits for your employees by investing in new hardware. The primary benefit being the advantages in providing your people with the most effective tools to do their job.

Investing in new technology shows investment in your employees; you’re making their working life easier, more flexible, more productive and significantly less stressful – we can all empathise with the maddening frustration caused by a program crashing mid-project or by hardware simply not being capable of running an application.

If you’re hardware isn’t capable of upgrading to Windows 10, it is a very much a case of out with the old.

To find out more about upgrading your hardware and to discuss your options in more detail, call 01284 700015 or email benny.mansfield@greenduck.co.uk, I’m happy to help!

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