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4 reasons why Email Archiving is one of the best things you never use

By Jonathan Springham

4 reasons why Email Archiving is one of the best things you never use

We all know that email offers a fast way to communicate with colleagues and clients, as well as other companies, friends and family.

We also know that an extremely popular part of email communication, particularly for business, is that it enables you to document your conversations and acts as a searchable repository of information. However, the downside to all these stored emails is that they can be a large source of risk. Just imagine how much intellectual property is stored in your emails, not to mention the potentially sensitive information they could contain. What would happen if these we’re lost or hacked?

So what’s the answer?

Email archiving has actually been around for years. So how come organisations aren’t using it? While not the most glamorous of solutions, here are 5 key benefits:

1. Storage

When stored on a live server, a large volume of email data can greatly reduce the servers performance. You might be thinking “I don’t actually send or receive a large volume of emails”. While this may be true, think about how many you send over the course of your servers lifetime. You could delete them altogether but if you do, any important data will be lost forever. Email archiving moves your email data to a secure, offsite server or cloud environment.

2. Security

With the right email archiving solution, your data will be stored and protected with continuous data backups and recovery capabilities. Not only will your emails be out of sight, you also can rest assured that they’re tucked up safe and sound.

3. Productivity

With all of your email data bogging down your live servers, searching for a specific email or subject can be painfully slow. By giving your employees the ability to easily access archived and backed up email data, you’ll not only be saving them time but you will also be saving your IT department from having to do it for them.

4. Compliance

So most industries now require organisations to keep certain business records, and since emails can contain records, deleting them isn’t an option. Certain industries such as financial services, healthcare and energy have even stricter regulations when it comes to business records. Therefore, using an email archiving solution that supports compliance is an absolute must!

When considering which Email Archiving solution to use, make sure to research providers that will deliver a user-friendly service as well as high standards of reliability and security.

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