How fonts can make or break your website

By Connor Thompson

How fonts can make or break your website

Delivering a great web experience doesn’t just mean delivering great content – It also means providing that content in a way that’s easy to digest for your visitors. Rather than skim and leave, you want visitors to read and understand your business. Choosing the right fonts and displaying them in the best possible way can make or break this experience.

So… I hear you asking “How do I optimise the content on my website with just a font?”

Here are a few tips:

1. Picking the right font

Picking a font can be hard but bear this in mind; every font you use will subconsciously evoke different emotions in your user. Is your brand traditional and respectable? A serif font will help to convey this. Is your business more modern and clean? A sans serif font will suit you down to the ground.

2. Differentiate between heading and body text

Make sure that headings are large and grab your visitor’s attention. If your headings aren’t clear and easily legible they won’t be as effective. Body text on the other hand should be smaller than your headings but be careful to ensure that it is still legible as it is just as important as your headings.

Commonly, there is a ratio between the font size of headings and body text – headings tend to be 2.5 times larger than body text. For example if your body copy is around 14-16px in size, this means that your heading should be around 35-40px. But again, these are not concrete rules – just a guideline for your website.

3. Colours & legibility

Always use a colour that contrasts with the background. This will make sure that even on smaller devices your content is legible. Black and white seems like the obvious choice but pure black can be hard to read as it can feel very unnatural. Try to offset the colour slightly to imitate how we see things in the real world. As always, it’s important to test with real users before setting this in stone.

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