How to cope with Passwords

By Benny Mansfield

How to cope with Passwords

Passwords are one of the many frustrations in modern life.

We all know that they’re important – like the lock on your doors – but do you go for convenience or security when choosing one?

I’m betting that a fair few of you reading this now will have (at some point) used your birthday, pets name and/or nickname as your password. While this may make it easy to remember, it’s not all that secure. Cyber criminals are sneaky buggers who can use all sorts of tools and tricks to crack your passwords – and you’re simply making it too easy for them.

So, how can you choose a password that’s secure but doesn’t require you to have a PhD to remember?

Well, you could cheat. We use a solution called Secret Server to store all of the passwords we use. We have hundreds of passwords for ourselves and our clients that would be completely impossible to remember and keep secure. Secret Server is not only awesome, but it provides us with multiple layers of security with role-based access and military-grade encryption. It also automatically rotates passwords and alerts us to abnormal uses of credentials.

If you’re impressed enough by Secret Server to want to know more, let me know. Alternatively, if you’re going solo and just want to choose a secure password, then here are some helpful tips:

  1. Use a mixture of upper and lower case letters
  2. Swap numbers and punctuation with letters – such as “gr3e%duc&” (Wow, that could have looked a lot worse!)
  3. Use a familiar phrase or line from a song
  4. Combine all of the above

With GDPR coming into play this May, ensuring your organisation implements a strong password policy will help you reduce the risk of a data breach… and a subsequent investigation by the Information Commissioners Office.

If you are concerned about your passwords and would like some more advice, please give me a call on 01284 700015 or email