The Journey of an App

By Steven Robinson

The Journey of an App

…from concept to launch

Have you ever wondered how your favourite apps came to be? This post explains the just how mobile app development works…but without the techy jargon.

Of course, every app development company is different but they’ll all follow roughly the same process.  Here’s ours.


How does it start? Well, usually with some imagination, dedication and some whizzy app developers to help you along the way. Sadly, many people have great ideas for an app but don’t have the confidence to take it further, or have no idea where to start.

Our initial ‘kick-off’ meeting allows for these great ideas to come out and helps us get the ball rolling. It also helps us to fully understand just what our client wants their app to achieve, whether it be to increase engagement, sales or to enhance business processes.

Once we’ve settle on something concrete, our designers will put together some initial interactive concepts for our client to take a look at – to help them visualise their app and to make doubly sure we’re on the right track.

Project phase

Next, one of our Project Managers will start structuring the project. This helps everyone involved know what to expect at which stage. It also helps prevent our clients getting carried away with adding loads of additional features, and blowing their budget. The temptation is always there, but this helps them stay in control.

Design phase

Once the functional specification and initial design concepts have been signed off, our designers will start working on creating the app. They split the design process into two parts; User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). We create wireframes to ensure that the app is user-friendly and easy to navigate before we start adding our artistic flair. But once that’s agreed, the fun really starts… or fun at least for us.

The UI part of the design is where we add our clients branding, colours and themes. This is where the app really starts to come alive. Of course, we make sure our client is happy at every step.

Once the UX and UI stage is signed off, there are high fives all around. But now the development begins (cue the dramatic music). The development and testing phase of the project is where it all starts getting techy.

Development phase

First off, our developers translate the visual design into a clickable prototype. Then, they work on implementing some of the more basic functions such as registration and profile creation. Each function is tested to ensure that any wrinkles are ironed out.

Our developers continue to add layers to the app – depending on what they’re building – and testing until it’s launch ready.


Only once everyone is happy will the app be launched. But just because it’s is now live, doesn’t mean that the relationship with our clients ends.  Ongoing maintenance, updates and upgrades are sometimes needed to ensure the project is an overall success, but of course this will vary each time.

We hope that this has demystified the potentially daunting process of app development. Please get in touch if you want to know a bit more about how we could help you… or click here… go on, you know you want to.