Why Businesses Need to THINK BIG when Managing their Data

By Benny Mansfield

Why Businesses Need to THINK BIG when Managing their Data

Do you think BIG?

Here at Green Duck, we engage with businesses of all sizes on a daily basis. One thing we notice more often than not are the different approaches businesses take towards managing their data.

What many small and medium sized organisations don’t realise is that this data that keeps their businesses ticking over. For several of them, it’s the lifeblood of their business.
If SME’s thinking like bigger organisations when it came to their data, then they’ll have the ability to scale more easily and have fewer issues when it comes to adding new employees, clients or applications.

Three key areas for small businesses to Think BIG…

1. Security

The data stored on their IT is likely worth far more than the IT itself, so they need to ensure that client lists, photographs, videos, property portfolios, etc. are protected. These type of solutions don’t have to be expensive! Often, there are very simple solutions that will ensure data is stored safely and is easily accessible should the worst happen.

For example, Microsoft SharePoint provides a great way for businesses to store and manage their data in one central place… and the great news is that it’s included within Microsoft Office 365!

2. Availability

Imagine a florist. I’m sure we’d all agree that availability is key to this kind of business. Not just all year round, but at key points in the year such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. If a business considers every potential client to be just like the man ordering a bunch of twelve red roses on 13th February at 9pm, then they’ll never miss a call, web enquiry, email or online order. In order to achieve this level of availability, a business needs a resilient network and servers. Again, this needn’t be costly. Simple solutions are often available that can scale as your business grows and the orders roll in.

3. Service

Without having experienced people to manage, monitor and generally help with managing an organisation’s data, it simply doesn’t hang together neatly. Things don’t always go to plan, so it can make a big difference to a business when they have someone to call who is helpful and knowledgeable. When the crisis is over, it’s important to analyse at what happened and put measures in place to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

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