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How would a Data Breach Affect your Business?

By Benny Mansfield

How would a Data Breach Affect your Business?

Barely a week goes by without news of another cyber security breach hitting the headlines. Cyber threats have become an increasing concern for organisations across the UK as well as the globe.

Cyber threats come in many shapes and sizes. From Viruses and Malware to Ransomware and Trojan Horses, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the ‘techy’ lingo and jargon. The most important thing to remember is a cyber-attack is a criminal act whereby an individual or group are trying to access your data and/or network either for financial gain or malicious activity. The methods they are using are constantly evolving so it’s vital that we are proactive in how we work to prevent attacks.

So what kind of damage could your business be looking at if you suffered a breach?

Apart from the obvious PR disaster, a breach can cause considerable financial damage. According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2016, 65% of large firms throughout the UK detected a cyber-security breach or attack in the last year, with the average cost coming in at £36,500.

In addition to this, the disruption to your workforce can affect efficiently and morale. Your clients might not be too impressed if they discovered you had suffered a breach, and there is also the added risk of losing intellectual property such as product designs and processes.

What can you do to prevent an attack?

There is much that can be done to prevent attacks, including using quality antivirus, antimalware software and Open DNS. Additional measures can be taken to protect your systems and data with password policies, procedures, and staff training. We also recommend that companies, regardless of their size, implement regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. This allows you to see any weaknesses and holes in your security and fix them before they are exploited.

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