Amazon Rainforest Talk to Pupils from Brokehall School

By Emma Crawford

Amazon Rainforest Talk to Pupils from Brokehall School

Our resident jungle explorer Benny Mansfield recently spoke to pupils from Brokehall Primary School in Ipswich about his time in the Amazon rainforest.

Benny spent 6 months in the Amazon rainforest as part of a conservation project in 2010.

As a qualified expedition leader, his team were examining the effects of deforestation on the primary, secondary and riparian rainforests. They were tasked with monitoring several species of animal and insects to understand the effects of activities including logging, cacao plantations, and farming. They also taught the locals English and survival techniques.

Benny presented his experiences to 180 pupils from the school who all thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the animals he saw, including snakes, tarantulas, caiman, monkeys, and scorpions. One pupil said, "I have enjoyed the other visitors but today was the best". They also found it funny when he told them about getting bit by bullet ants… which by the way, is rather painful.

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