We’re quackers about three things – Technology, Pizza and Getting Things Done!


Green Duck was hatched in 2002 by co-founders Mathew Green and Graham Duckworth, friends who share a passion for IT, fast cars and getting things done.

Now, some 15 years later, there are more grey hairs, fewer fast cars but their passion for IT burns brighter than ever.

The founding pair are now joined by a team of over 30, supporting clients throughout the UK and Europe.

Hear us Quack

This is the part of a website where companies tell their visitors about how different they are; how they build long term partnerships; how clients come first. Well, just to be clear, we do all that too.

Unlike some of the corporate companies that make fancy promises using fancy pants language, we just do our best. Luckily our best is pretty damn good and usually it’s a lot more than our customers expect.

That being said, we are human/ducks and we sometimes make mistakes (except Rod, but he’s just weird). One time, one of our technicians, actually put his mouse on the left of his keyboard rather than the right – don’t worry, we resolved the situation before we evacuated the building.

What Ruffles Our Feathers

Clients wasting money on snake oil. Would you believe that often, the best solution is not the most expensive?

We frequently have conversations with clients who have been encouraged to buy (b)leading edge technology which is totally over-specified for their business and from which they will never get an adequate return on investment.

We are plain speakers, using jargon free language (for the most part). We take the time to understand what you actually need and then build a solution that is right for that need.

Our Ducklings

We employ nerds, we employ ninjas, we even employ an (ethical) hacker. We love superheros, sci-fi and pizzas (no stereotypes were endangered in the typing of that last sentence). All share a passion for getting things done, well, apart from Sophie (the office dog) who just sleeps all day.

We support their goals and dreams - so long as it’s not to become Michael Knight and drive around in a talking car - and provide an engaging, fun and fulfilling environment that they will want to be a part of for years to come.

We strive to be heroes (sometimes even with the cape) not only in the business world but also within our local community.

How we give back

We’ve become good friends with local charity, St Nicholas Hospice Care and have raised thousands of pounds - mainly through means of humiliation at Mathew and Graham’s expense.

If you haven’t seen the video of Graham trying to order his lunch, wearing a dental mouth guard while ‘locked’ in a giant cardboard box, get yourself onto YouTube immediately!

Our relationship with West Suffolk College allows us to help the next generation of software developers prepare for realm of work. We all remember how hard it was when we left school, college or university and how nice it would have been to have had a helping hand. Well, our aim is to be that hand... or wing – because ducks don’t have hands.


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