Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing Workshop

Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing Workshop


£225 +VAT


One Day

Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing Workshop

Course Description

This course is for any employee who is required to undertake recruitment, selection and interviewing.

Course Objectives

By the end of the workshop the participant will understand:
Different methods of recruitment.
Matching applicants to job descriptions and job specification and setting selection criteria.
How to plan and structure the interview.
How to conduct a competency-based interview and ensuring compliance with current legislation.
The skills involved in interviewing, using appropriate listening and questioning techniques.
The importance of selecting the right person and what happens when you get it wrong.

Course Content

Identifying the need to recruit and whether internal or external
Different methods and cost of recruitment
Use of agencies, internet boards and adverts internal and external. Exploring the reasons for using different types
The importance of writing good job descriptions and job specifications, practice at writing competency based questions and formulating a selection criterion with weighting
Reviewing and vetting CV’s and application forms, short listing and administration
Planning the interviews
Timetabling and location. Who should be involved. How many interviews. Use of assessment centres. Use of psychometrics. Practical application
Skills involved in interviewing
Welcoming and introduction. Questioning and listening techniques. Wrapping it up
Understanding current employment law associated with recruitment – i.e. Equality Act
Positive discrimination in recruitment. No health related questions. Age discrimination
Practice at competency based interviewing
Selecting the right person from the interviews, responding to unsuccessful candidates and giving feedback.
What happens when you get it wrong – use of probation periods and termination of contracts
Summary and questions

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