How can switching to the Cloud benefit your business?


Cloud computing

Firstly, what is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing is an Internet-based facility that allows users to access applications, data, storage, and other resources through a network of remote servers, instead of on their own computers or on-site server.  Some examples of how you may already use cloud computing in your organisation include Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox and Hosted Telephony. 

The key to cloud computing is simplicity.

Many of the organisations we help are often concerned about how to transition from physical hardware to cloud technology and how it will actually benefit them. Well, there are several advantages of cloud computing, including:

Increase availability and flexibility.

The biggest advantage of cloud computing is the ability to access, modify and save files from any number of devices, in any location (with an internet connection), at any time. If you think about the likes of Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook; these are all a form of cloud computing. You can access emails from your computer, phone or tablet, anywhere, anytime by simply logging into your account. 

Reduce costs

Save money with lower capital expenditure and lower maintenance costs on hardware. With cloud computing, you only pay for what you need and use. The flexibility of the cloud makes it an ideal option for businesses of any size. Furthermore, any web-based applications you may use are maintained and updated regularly with the latest versions, so there’s no need to replace out of date resources with new programmes and technologies.

Improved Security

Imagine you store all of your data on your laptop or mobile device. If you lose your device, you also lose all of your data, and what would that mean for your business? With cloud computing, your laptop or device is merely a tool used to access and work on your applications. So as long as you don’t lose your username and password as well, you’re data will be safe. 

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